APICS Membership

In today's fast-paced business environment, thousands of supply chain professionals just like you join APICS to

  • Gain the necessary certifications to stay vital in their field.
  • Receive up-to-the-minute industry news from award-winning publications.
  • Leverage members-only savings on educational offerings, certification programs, and career development resources.
  • Network with supply chain professionals around the globe to share best practices, proven methodologies and more.


Membership designed with you in mind

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned veteran, APICS offers a tailored membership experience based on your individual career goals with our two membership options: CORE and PLUS.


Individual Membership


  • Ideal for professionals in North America                                                               Join today.
  • This membership can select between: 
    • APICS CORE professional — $180 annual dues
    • APICS PLUS professional — $220 annual dues 

Academic professional

  • Ideal for academics currently working in supply chain                                        Learn more.
        and operations management education
  • Academic members receive APICS PLUS member benefits                               Join today.
    • APICS PLUS academic — $75 annual dues


Corporate Membership

Corporate memberships for working professionals

Enterprise professional

  • Ideal for organizations interested in educating, training, or                                   LEARN MORE.
         certifying a group of employees anywhere in the world                                         CONTACT APICS 
    • Dues vary by number of member                                                                       CORPORATE SERVICES


Student & Young Professional

Memberships for students and young professionals

Young professional

  • Available to young professionals worldwide who graduated                                 Join today.
       within the last two years and were previously an APICS 
        student member.
  • This membership can select between the APICS CORE 
       membership or APICS PLUS membership
    • APICS CORE young professional — $90 annual dues
    • APICS PLUS young professional — $110 annual dues


  • Ideal for students interested in working in supply chain                                        Join today.
        across the globe
  • Student members receive APICS PLUS benefits
    • APICS PLUS student —FREE for eligible students!